City Life vs Country Living, Which is for you?

14th October 2020

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We understand that one of the biggest decisions you face when investing in a property in the UK is location and lifestyle. Here at Propuno, we are here to help and make your move a lot smoother and without all of the unnecessary stress. With our trusted catalogue of estate agents and over 20 years of experience within the industry, we can help provide you with a property that is perfect for you!

Without a doubt, a city lifestyle is completely different to a country lifestyle. If you haven’t resided in a city location before, people can often find it a shock when first moving as a result of the change in lifestyle, this also applies to people who have moved from the peaceful green countryside to now the busy hustle and bustle of city life.

Before settling on a location, it is best to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each lifestyle and which one will suit you best based on your own needs and requirements. 

Both a city and a country lifestyle can provide great opportunities for many different reasons but it is also important to remember that these opportunities can come with downsides, so it is best to always evaluate both sides to make sure you are choosing the lifestyle that is best fit for you.

Pros and Cons of City Living:

City Life is perfect for those who enjoy the busyness of everyday life, a vibrant nightlife and the energy that comes with being around the constant hustle and bustle.


  • Transport, Transport is one of the key pros of living in a city, public transport connects people all across the city on a daily basis with cheap prices and constant regular services. 
  • Job Opportunities, The job opportunities in a city and significantly higher than those living in a country. Based on the idea that a lot more companies tend to base themselves in a city centre as a result of the connections and opportunities based there.
  • Variation of Amenities, City Life provides you with a lot more services and a larger variation of amenities closer to where you are based e.g faster broadband speed, mobile coverage and amenities such as gyms, shopping centres, and supermarkets all on your doorstep with the majority available 24/7.


  • No Sense of Community, This is as a result of the huge population’s cities have, so if you are based directly in the city centre, there is little to no community feel. 
  • Cost of Living, The city lifestyle is notoriously known for being more expensive than in the country and therefore the cost of living in a city is substantially higher.
  • Overcrowding, Due to the overpopulated cities, public transport is usually overcrowded, especially in rush hour.

Property for Sale in the City

1 Bedroom Apartment for Sale 
London, United Kingdom
Apartment london

Situated in Central London, this beautiful property is one of a kind.  With exceptional space throughout, the property is home to a lot of opportunities as well as being close to all amenities and transport links.

Pros and Cons of Country Living

Country life is perfect for those who desire a tranquil lifestyle with plenty of greenery and stunning views in addition. Although country living may not be for everyone there are a lot of positives that come with the change in lifestyle.


  • Scenery, The country is full of beautiful scenery, you will be surrounded by miles of greenery as opposed to the highrise buildings and offices in the city.
  • The community feel, As a result of the lower population in the countryside, there is more of a community feel, especially in smaller villages and towns.
  • Wellbeing, Rural properties are more likely to have gardens and green open space nearby compared to properties in the city. This has been known to have a very positive impact on wellbeing and helping to improve your quality of life.
  • The relaxed pace of life, Rural neighbourhoods are not only a lot more peaceful and more picturesque than those in a city, but they are also known for being a lot safer, with less crime, reduced air pollution and a substantial decrease in traffic.


  • Transport links, As a result of being further away from the centre, the transport links are not as regular or as high quality as of those in the city.
  • Lack of Facilities, More times than none, facilities such as supermarkets, shopping centres, gyms and leisure centres are not within walking distance of your property and require a car or a means of public transport to get there.
  • Communication, More often than not the countryside has a poor phone and wifi connection, making it harder for you to connect to those who may live outside of your local area.

Property for Sale in the Country

4 Bed House for Sale
Charlwood, United Kingdom
house countryside

Located in a charming conservation area, home to only six properties two of which are listed but this property is not, giving you flexibility internally and externally. As a village, it has a deep history and a great sense of community.

Helpful Tips:

  1. If you are moving from the countryside to the city, you are less likely to need a car in the city as it is a lot more popular and generally quicker to commute to work.
  2. Cost of Living, ensure you have checked what the cost of living will be like, for example, visit the area and review amenities and areas to see if they differ from others and compare them to your current cost of living.
  3. If you are moving from the city to the country ensure you have visited and explored the local area before you move there. Find out where your local amenities are and how far away you will need to travel daily etc.

In Conclusion, whichever location you decide to invest in, it is important that you weigh up the pros and the cons of each area and compare them to your requirements and needs to see how they fit in. 

At Propuno we have a range of property in both the city and the countryside, if you are interested in viewing a property or would like some advice into finding your perfect home then you can take full advantage of Propuno. With our catalogue of reputable estate agents, we are here to help you find your dream property!

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