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19th June 2020

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When searching for a new property, there is so much competition and choice when deciding which estate agent to go with that it is almost impossible to decide. How do I know which estate agent to go with? Are they going to be able to provide me with a better service than the others?

With propuno, we will only work with reputable estate agents that we have built strong relationships and trust with over the last 20 years. Through working with many estate agents we have established what desirable attributes are needed in order for these agents to qualify into our network. The network of agents that we have established are able to help you with your property search no matter where in the world you are looking.

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Our process
With finding trusted Estate Agents it doesn?t necessarily have to be how long we have worked with an Estate Agent, but how they do business, and how motivated they are for their sellers and buyers. If we get a good feeling from an Estate Agent that they are truly as passionate about property and people as we are, we want to be in partnership with them.

We will also look at their track record, how long are their properties on the market? How many properties are they selling? Do they have good customer reviews? Do they offer digital services.. e.g. video tour, marketing your property etc. We need to know the Estate Agent is going to get you the best service, and we won?t work with them until we are confident of this.

Helping buyers and sellers
Knowing which Estate Agent to really trust when buying or selling a house can be a very challenging area. What we do is take your unique requirements and match you up with an Estate Agent that we think will be the best fit. There is no one size fits all, and all Estate Agents have different ways of working, so it?s finding an Agent to compliment your specific needs.

Things we take into consideration when matching you up with an Estate Agent are:

  • What area you are buying a property in
  • What type of property you would like
  • Your general requirements (number of beds, bathrooms and reception rooms
  • Your unique requirements (do you want a dressing room? A kitchen island? Wood flooring? Double sink ensuite? We can make sure we team you with the right agent to match these requirements).
  • Your investment budget

For Estate Agents: What we can offer you
Estate Agents; if the above sounds like you and your Estate Agent and you want to be part of the propuno network we can offer you the following: 

  • Free expert marketing
  • Free to advertise your properties (unlike pay monthly traditional portals)
  • Large volume of serious buyers and sellers
  • High quality leads
  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic to your website
  • 20 years of expertise in the property industry


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