Why Move to Thailand?

1st December 2020

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Thailand is a stunning Southeast Asian country filled with beautiful scenery and amazing opportunities. Known for its stunning nature, tropical beaches, fabulous food and much more, Thailand has a lot to offer to its residents and migrants.   

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Why do people relocate to Thailand? 

With a high migration rate of 1.2 million migrants from 2014 to 2019, there is no question as to why these people chose Thailand. Although there are many different reasons as to why you should relocate to Thailand, here are the main fantastic factors that help to persuade people's decision:

- Jobs: Thailand has a rapid -growing economy meaning there are plenty of job opportunities, with a wide range of roles. From teaching, to personal training, to designing, the jobs in Thailand are relatively easy to get, providing you have the right experience or qualifications. To further benefit your chances of being enrolled, having a university degree could make the employment process easier. This is very important for anyone looking to relocate as you will need to think about income, if you don't already have a job in place there.

- Weather: Thailand's tropical weather is generally very hot, and in summer has an average temperature of 30°c. This is a perfect temperature to thoroughly enjoy the summer with your friends and family! The winters are typically warm, however there is a drop in humidity often described as Thailand's 'cool off'season. The winter is great as you get to take a break from the intense heat, yet it is still warm allowing you to be outdoors and get on with day to day activities cold or rainy days would stop you doing.

- Income: In 2019, the highest average monthly income was in Bangkok, with 40 thousand baht per household. However in the whole of Thailand, the average monthly income was 26 thousand baht. This is great for Thailand as the cost of living is very affordable.

- Lifestyle & culture: The truly beautiful Thai culture is unique and distinct. Sticking to a 'family comes first' attitude, the Thai culture is filled with love. With a strong belief of ?life should be fun?, Thais typically have a laid back lifestyle with elements of fun where it is important to display positive emotion (in public). This is a great lifestyle change as it allows you to have a positive attitude towards life. Thailand the grand palace

- Properties: There is a great variety of properties in Thailand. For example, condos, villas and even land. Whether you are looking to invest in a permanent home, a holiday home or any other kind of property, Thailand is the perfect exotic destination!

- Investment: There are a lot of expats who invest in property in Thailand. There are many reasons for this such as relocating, business and even investing in a holiday home. The main factors as to why investing in exotic Thailand are: it is affordable, the climate is glorious, the beautiful scenery, English is generally well-spoken and more!

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Things to do:

There are a lot of activities you, your friends and family will love In Thailand. The glorious weather expands the variety of activities you can participate in, by allowing you to be outdoors. No matter where you are, it is important that you take time to spend with your friends and family and where better to do so than Thailand? From relaxing ventures such as strolling while taking in the picture perfect scenery, to more busy ventures like diving tours, you will definitely fine something for everyone here! Maybe you even enjoy visiting the charming historic monuments Thailand has to offer:

- The Grand Palace: The grand palace is a remarkable golden temple, located in the heart of Bangkok. As a well-known monument, The Grand Palace receives over 8 million visitors a year.

- Wat Arun: Symbolising the country's resilience through the passage of time, Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple located in Bangkok. This magnificent monument is cherished by the residents of Thailand.

- Wat Pho: Wat Pho is the oldest temple in Thailand and is famous for its 46m reclining golden Buddha. The Buddhist temple is well known and gets a lot of tourist visitors, as well as the locals.

- Three kings monument: One of the most well-known monuments in Thailand, the Three Kings, is known to represent the three Northern Lao kings. This is because they are said to have founded the city of Chiang Mai.

These are just a small list of the many amazing historic monuments that must be visited in Thailand!

In conclusion, if you want a positive and relaxed pace of life, Thailand is an exceptional place to choose. With amazing job opportunities, weather, income, lifestyle, culture, properties, activities and many more! Take a look at all of the stunning properties, in Thailand, we have to offer at Propuno, here!



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