Your Guide to Eco Resort, Bang Saray, Thailand

18th November 2022

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Nestled in the coastal town of Bang Saray, Sattahip, Eco Resort is a new, lavish development designed to be a haven, an eco-friendly escape to a luscious paradise. It has a vast collection of amenities, such as a sauna, massages and fitness centre, that allow you to soak in the tranquil atmosphere. This standout residence is just 450m from the beach and houses properties ranging from studios to 2-bedroom condominiums, beautifully designed for comfort and relaxation. 

Luscious and natural, this development has been created with rest, relaxation and rejuvenation in mind. A sauna, sky lounge and fitness centre are just a few of the many amenities that Eco Resort offers its residents. 

Luxury that Doesn’t Cost the Earth.

As its name suggests, Eco Resort’s entire design has been influenced by the environment and its mission to be as eco-friendly as possible. The entire development is made of sustainable, eco-friendly materials and has thermal cladding and natural ventilation to ensure that ambient temperature remains comfortable for residents. They also utilise energy and water efficient facilities as well as solar panels to ensure that the energy used is minimal and produced in a way that is best for the environment. 

The sustainability of the building is woven into every aspect of this development, even down to the architecture which allows for increased sustainability and lower energy consumption thanks to its passive design that increases thermal efficiency. 

The resort also takes advantage of green walls and vertical planting which not only creates a beautiful aesthetic and gentle, natural atmosphere throughout the residence but also creates a pollution barrier, absorbing pollutants in the air and providing additional fresh air. These strategic green walls also reduce noise pollution by reflecting, refracting and absorbing acoustic energy and maintaining the calming ambience of the development at all times. 

The Benefits of Buying Property in Bang Saray, Thailand

Bang Saray is in the Sattahip district of Thailand. The quaint town is equipped with an outdoor gym, park, shops and plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants serving the fresh oceanic food. The golden beach is one of Thailand’s most beautiful, you can watch the sunset, find whale sharks and enjoy the range of watersports. Bang Saray also has 2 PGA golf courses within a 30 minute journey away. 

Thailand is a beautiful place to be. It is a hugely popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful shores that are lined by lush green palm trees. It is also incredibly affordable, has a tropical climate with hot weather conditions lasting all year round. It is abundant with opportunity for business and leisure and is a constantly evolving country; Thailand possesses some of the most advanced medical facilities, fast and reliable internet and modern business facilities. It perfectly mixes its grand history and a breakneck pace of progress and modernity that unites to produce an energetic urban experience that promises something for everyone. Thailand has amazing tropical beaches, royal palaces, rich culture, and magnificent Buddhist temples.


Eco Resort is the perfect investment for anybody wanting a relaxing haven, a luxury escape from modern life to a calm, luscious environment designed to soothe and relax its residents. It is also incredibly environmentally conscious and is the perfect lavish retreat in a peaceful sanctuary of a residence. 

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