Your Guide to Our Latest Development, Bahía

9th August 2022

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Designed with its residents’ comfort and modern aesthetics in mind, Bahía offers homes that form your happy place. Bahía was inspired by the luxury of tropical residences, where the outdoor space supplied by each property becomes part of your daily life. Its privileged location allows its residents to thoroughly enjoy the delightful climate and lifestyle of the Costa del Sol. Bahía’s communal areas include a swimming pool and gymnasium which are both surrounded by luscious gardens, adding to the luxury of this phenomenal development.
Rising above the Calanova Golf Course, Bahía provides unparalleled views of the coastline. This peaceful environment with an enormous natural diversity is surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra de Mijas and a stunning coastline. Bordering this development, we find sandy beaches such as Butibamba as well as beautiful coves with crystal clear waters. Nestling in a property here is a dream come true and could be the start of your deluxe lifestyle.


With a Mediterranean climate, fantastic amenities and residential character, Mijas is situated in a privileged location along the Costa del Sol. Not to mention, multiple attractions surround Mijas which add to the quality of this location and astonishing development. Boasting historical heritage that is reflected in its four towers, you are able to discover the beauty of Mijas. Its old town provides multiple great attractions including the Chapel of Virgen de la Pena, the remains of the Arab Wall and the Historical-Ethnological Museum, which is fantastic for those of all ages.


Costa del Sol is a narrow coastal strip where you can find diverse stunning landscapes, glorious beaches and delicious food, as well as other forms of entertainment. Being one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain, there are plenty of fantastic activities. In addition, there are plenty of well-known and luxurious resorts. The Costa del Sol enjoys over 320 days of spectacular sun each year along with low rainfall, meaning your life here will be continuously fulfilled with amazing opportunities and memories.

The Benefits of Living in the sun

As well as Bahía providing an assortment of amenities, a constant holiday feel and a luxurious lifestyle, this development provides a range of health benefits. Due to the development being surrounded by the magical coastline, the natural light that can enter your property will majorly benefit your health. As your body needs natural lighting in order to: help you focus, produce Vitamin D, release endorphins and much more, the location of this property is fantastic for the human body. In addition, the heat of the sun allows your body to release endorphins, which will benefit any stress and help you feel relaxed.

The Benefits of Living in a Luxurious Development

When it comes to investing in a luxurious property, there is an assortment of benefits that you will acquire. One of the main benefits being the value of a luxurious property. Typically there will be a boost in value due to the real estate market, meaning when it comes to selling in the future the demand will have increased, as well as interest. There is no doubt that you will see a greater return on your investment when purchasing a property in Bahía. Including desirable amenities and breathtaking views, there are plenty of key benefits provided by this development. The modern and contemporary design, luxurious amenities, sought-after area and many more all contribute to the return you will see.


Bahia is a truly remarkable development creating quality residences to call home. The great weather and surreal surroundings provide opportunities to take advantage of your luxurious lifestyle here in Mijas.

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