Your Guide to our Latest Development, Medblue

8th December 2021

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Medblue is a luxurious development located in Los Monteros, just 10 minutes from Marbella. With 39 apartments distributed over five floors, this contemporary development provides spacious homes with an option of 2 or 3 bedrooms. Not to mention, these apartments include fully fitted kitchens, a handy storage room and ideal parking spaces. The communal areas add to the great amenities this development has to offer. With a heated outdoor and indoor swimming pool, a luxurious spa and a fully equipped gymnasium, you are able to live your life to its fullest here at Medblue.

The Benefits of Buying a Luxurious Property

Investing in a luxurious property has an abundance of benefits and there is no doubt that the Medblue apartments we have to offer are. The truly admirable design includes deluxe Mediterranean sea views and fantastic amenities. Some key benefits that really stand out that these properties have to offer are breathtaking sea views, a modern and contemporary design inside and out, high-end construction materials, luxurious amenities and many more that will allow you to most likely see a greater return on your investment.


Located in southern Spain, Marbella boasts fourteen golf courses, tropical climates, Mediterranean beaches, luxurious boutiques and many more amazing advantages. This scenic city consists of admirable nature as well as an extremely stunning backdrop, to ensure an unforgettable time. Marbella is a beautiful city and resort as well as the pride of Costa del Sol.

Costa del Sol is a narrow coastal strip where you can find glorious beaches, delicious food and diverse stunning landscapes, as well as other forms of entertainment. Being one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain, there are plenty of fantastic activities. The Costa del Sol provides over 320 days of spectacular sun each year in addition to low rainfall, meaning your time here will be perpetually fulfilled with astonishing memories.

Benefits of living in the sun

In addition to fantastic opportunities, glorious weather conditions and the luxurious lifestyle Medblue has to offer, this development also provides a range of health benefits. Due to the development overlooking the stunning beach, the natural light you can get not just on the beach but in your apartment is a major health benefit. Your body needs natural lighting in order to: help you focus, produce Vitamin D, release endorphins and much more. With the heat of the sun allowing your body to release endorphins, this will benefit any stress and help you feel more relaxed. Architects understand the importance of this, which is why the apartments feature significant windows and a terrace.


Medblue is a truly remarkable development that has an abundance of great features, creating a quality and luxurious place to call home. The weather and surreal surroundings supply opportunities to take advantage of your luxurious lifestyle here in Medblue, Marbella.

Here at Propuno, we understand the importance of finding the perfect property for your future home. The Propuno team has over 20 years of combined experience in the property industry. During this time, we have built partnerships and connections to create a unique catalogue of reputable, trustworthy and professional estate agents from around the world. Our network of estate agents allows us to provide you with a tailor-made experience by handpicking the most suitable agent for your specific needs.

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