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7th October 2020

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The Edge is an exclusive residential development located in Estepona, Costa Del Sol. Upon this development sit 68 beachfront apartments, which blend seamlessly with the sand, sea and beautiful gardens.

Costa Del Sol, the coast of the sun, is a very popular place to visit and for those looking for a little more permanent. This is because of the incredible and fun activities, such as day-trip excursions, water parks and an amazing 126 beaches to choose from. Many of these are blue-flag beaches, which means they get awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education if they fit the quality and cleanliness standards. Costa Del Sol also has practical facilities such as international schools and shops. These features make it a perfect place for ex-pats to choose their new home in the sun. 

The Edge has been built with this in mind, located right in the centre of the Costa Del Sol. This beachfront development is situated in one of the more exclusive areas of Spain, Estepona. This resort town is filled with history and charm. Just a short drive from Marbella, Estepona has a very relaxed lifestyle with a lot of entertaining activities like stunning cruises, water sports and sight-seeing trips. Estepona is filled with narrow streets and houses with hanging baskets making the town feel compact and cosy. There is a selection of bars and restaurants for you to choose from, there's no doubt there's something to suit everyone in Estepona. 

Beachfront Living

There are endless advantages of beachfront living. Imagine waking up to such a stunning view every morning! Eating breakfast on your balcony, while watching the golden sun reflecting perfectly off the sparkling blue ocean, and listening to the subtle crash of calm waves lapping the crystal white sand. There is no better way to start your day!

With the sun, beach and luxurious apartments at The Edge, every day would feel like a holiday, making your stay feel extra special. There would be no need to travel when you want to spend time with your family and friends when the beach is on your doorstep. Going for a relaxing stroll along the beach would never get old.

Not to mention, beachfront properties have a range of health benefits. The natural light you can get not just on the beach but in your apartment is a major health benefit.  Our bodies need natural lighting to: produce Vitamin D,  help us focus, make us happy and much more. The heat of the sun allows our bodies to release endorphins which make us feel less stressed and more relaxed. Architects understand the importance of this, which is why the apartments feature significant windows. 

The Benefits of Buying a Luxurious Property

Investing in a luxurious property has many benefits. Just because a property is expensive doesn't necessarily mean it is luxurious. However, there is no doubt that The Edge apartments we have to offer are. The exclusive and unique features are truly admirable, including the deluxe view. Our apartments are beachfront, which makes them even more attractive and superior. Some key benefits that really stand out are: The property has full-time maintenance making it extremely secure, the apartments are beautiful inside and out, high-end construction materials, fixtures and appliances were used meaning the property has the latest electronic gadgets and large, open-concept living space, and if you plan on selling in the future, you will most likely see a greater return on your investment. 

There are so many key features and amenities that these apartments have to offer:

  • Three infinity pools - The three communal pools will be maintained and cleaned all year round.


  • Spa with Gym area - The Edge offers a relaxing spa and gym allowing its residents to either wind-down or stay active. 


  • Paddle tennis court - There is a Paddle tennis court allowing you to go and have fun outdoors with your family and friends.


  • Direct beach access - This is perfect for any time of the day but taking an early morning walk or an evening walk when the sun is setting would be perfect. Even on warm days when you want to relax on the beach, direct access is ideal. 


  • Underground parking - No cars will be seen on the surface, they are always underground and will not interrupt the eco-environment and connection with the sea.  


  • Outdoor living space - All of the apartments offer an amazing outdoor living space. This is a perfect way to chill outdoors while taking in your surroundings. If you have had a long day and want a way to wind-down, go and lay outside or even read a book while getting fresh air.


  • Panoramic Ocean views- All of the apartments have balconies with an outdoor living space giving you a panoramic clear view of the gorgeous blue ocean.


The fantastic design and great architecture really make the properties breathtaking. The Edge features an exclusive 68 properties which are apartments and villas, and vary from 2-5 bedrooms. The reputable architect Rafael de La-Hoz has removed any visual barriers between the sea and the properties creating a clear, spectacular view. Built with the finest Specifications, these luxurious, high-end developments starting from only £481,000. 

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