10 Things To Consider Before Moving To Spain

12th August 2020

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Propuno are the experts when it comes to helping people relocate around the world and more precisely, Spain. The country of Spain has been a popular place to relocate for years. Real estate and property developments pop up around the world but nowhere as often as Spain. Spain?s expat community is made up of nearly 6 million foreign residents and it is only going to keep on growing. 

One of the most popular areas to relocate is the Costa Del Sol. Located in the south of Spain it occupies a narrow coastal strip featuring beaches, mountains, dunes, rivers and a lot of fantastic property and facilities.

We understand that relocating to a foreign country is not the most stress-free pastime but it can be one of the most rewarding ventures for any person, couple or family. Before you commit your future to Spain there are some things to consider.

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Do Your Research

You?ve made a great start with our first point given the fact you?re currently reading this article. Do your research, find out what experiences other people have had when moving out to a foreign country. You will find something that you were not familiar with or a piece of advice that you could use. Being as prepared as possible will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Hone in on the area you?re moving to. Do your research on whatever is necessary to you. Whether that be the schools, job opportunities, legal procedures, restaurants, shopping facilities and transportation facilities around the area. This will help you to understand which area is one for you.

Learn Some Spanish 

We?re not saying you must be fluent but having the basic?s locked down will help you integrate into the community and get around the city or town you?re moving to with ease. Not only will it be beneficial for yourself but also everyone you attempt to talk to. Spanish people are generally friendly and welcoming, if they sense you?re trying your best to communicate in their native tongue they will be patient and understand it?s not easy. From our experience we can tell you the more Spanish you learn, the more enjoyment you will have when you are actually living your day to day life in your new found Spanish journey.

Of course there are English speaking hubs in Spain that are made up of a large number of English speaking expats but in coastal or rural areas this is not normally the case. Not only is it opening the doors to the people of Spain but there are over 400 million Spanish speakers around the world. This could be useful when visiting another Spanish speaking country like Argentina or Mexico.

The Cost Of Living

Of course this depends on where you?re going to live within Spain, but make sure to do your research. For example, the cost of living in Marbella is going to cost more than living in Benahavis due to the area it is situated. Overall, the cost of living in Spain is one of the lowest in western Europe, even for the major cities. This is lifestyle dependent however. Research shows that it will cost the average person ?900 per month to live in Spain, this includes rent, utilities, food and drink.

Get A Bank Account

You do need a Spanish bank account to pay your bills. All service providers require one. If possible, sign up for a bank account before you arrive so that it is ready to transfer funds from your current bank, this will make the transition easier upon arrival. Some banks do have English speaking representatives which you can contact before heading out to Spain. This takes us into the next point nicely.


One of the most infuriating factors of moving to Spain is the amount of identification, forms and checks you must undertake. Applying for a bank account in most countries is relatively easy and can be completed in minutes via a form but Spain is notorious for its red tape. You will have to apply for several different items of paperwork once you arrive in Spain, such as a foreigner?s ID number otherwise known as a NIE amongst others.

Use A Trusted Estate Agent 

There are a large range of estate agents based in Spain but we cannot stress enough that you need to pick one you can trust. Buying property in Spain is not like buying a home in your home country, find out the mortgage rates for expats and what taxes and fees are applicable to you. A good estate agent will make all of this clear, do not rush and take your time to understand everything. To make this easier at Propuno we have a range of properties from trusted estate agents in Spain. Our network of estate agents can do all the hard work for you.

The Lack Of A Sleeping Spanish Siesta

It?s not as if the Spanish don?t have siestas, they just do not have a three hour midday snooze every day of the week. This is one of Spain?s biggest stereotypes. Without intending to ruin your dreams of being able to have a nap every day, siestas are a thing of the past and stem from the fact that countryside workers would indeed have a nap for a couple of hours in the afternoon to avoid the hot Spanish sun in the summer. That being said, the time schedule of Spain is different to most European countries. Most businesses are open at 10am and close at 9pm, but also close between 2pm and 5pm for an extended break. Weekends vary: while shops are open on Saturdays, a lot of other services are closed.

Driving and Public Transport in Spain

There are fantastic public bus services in all the major cities and towns within Spain. Buses are extremely popular and are commonly used in Spain, certain towns on the coast or rural villages are accessible by bus only, which is not too common in other countries. When it comes to trains, Spain is very well-connected with routes all over the country. Renfe is Spain?s state-owned train company. It runs high-speed AVE trains which connect Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Cordoba, Malaga and other Spanish cities at speeds of up to 192mph.

The Spanish drive on the right and safety belts are mandatory. The roads have been built well and there are plenty of places to pullover and have a rest or bite to eat. 


You?re right to believe that Spain has a great climate, this is the case most of the time. However there are three different climate zones in Spain due to the size of the country. Generally you can expect a mediterranean climate that features hot summers and mild winters but north of the Cantabrian mountains you can expect cooler temperatures. 

When buying a home in the Costa Del Sol, you can expect around 320 days of sunshine in the year, which is fantastic. The temperature?s between December and February sit around 14°C and from June to October you can expect daily highs of 27-31°C but don?t be surprised if there are days hitting highs of 40+°C.


The healthcare system in Spain is one of the best in the world. Similar to the UK, Spain has both a public and private healthcare system. You can access public healthcare if you contribute to the Spanish social security system. 

You are entitled to healthcare in Spain if you meet one of the following requirements as an expat:

  • You receive a UK State Pension or some types of long-term sickness benefit
  • You are a working or self-employed resident in Spain and paying Spanish social security contributions
  • You receive a Spanish state pension
  • You are a permanent resident in Spain
  • You are a child resident in Spain
  • You are a UK posted worker in Spain
  • You are under 26 and studying in Spain

Once you have completed your research and are confident with the task ahead it is time to find your dream property in Spain. We understand that when looking for a new property, people have a lot of reservations about which estate agencies to deal with and which properties are the best fit for your needs. We take that worry away by working only with reputable estate agencies all over the world and making it our mission to find you the perfect home.

If you have already satisfied this list of considerations and are ready to move, get in touch with us today to start your journey in Spain. Do not let the current restrictions stop you from starting the process of moving to Spain!

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