Your Guide to Sasara, Hua Hin

8th November 2022

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Sasara, Hua Hin

This beachfront hideaway, known as Sasara, beautifully demonstrates the art of escape. Creating the perfect place to actively rest your soul and body, Sasara is located in the heart of Hua Hin, where the elegance of simplicity from the local community is reflected throughout the area. Boasting an authentic slow-paced lifestyle, along with tropical architecture and fantastic amenities, Sasara allows you to delve into a life like no other.

The residence of Sasara is filled with lush tropical plants, causing a vibrant and natural atmosphere to ooze from this majestic development. With ‘true to material’ architectural tenant being the key motif of Sasara, this development unveils the natural trait of materials through refined craftsmanship.

Despite being perfect for those of all lifestyles, Sasara is exceptionally fitting for those with an active lifestyle. Depending on the season, you can surf, kitesurf and paddle board all from the doorstep of Sasara. In addition, there is also a range of amenities and forms of entertainment suited to all lifestyles surrounding this development.
There is truly no better place to rejuvenate and revitalise your body, mind and soul. To view Sasara Hua Hin click here.


Ensuring you live your life to the fullest, Sasara provides a range of amenities and benefits to its residents. Catering for all lifestyles, you are able to utilise everything Sasara has to enhance your home:

  • 5 pool styles with a pebble trail
  • Beach club with a games room, amphitheatre and indoor cinema
  • Pool club with lounge and fitness
  • Active sports pavilion
  • Family zone with a kid’s pool and BBQ corner
  • Beach activities with kites, soccer and volleyball facilities
  • Active yard with a chess lawn, Pentanqe and rock climbing
  • Lobby with an activity centre and concierge service
  • Parking space and gold cart service

Hua Hin

Located within the beautiful province of Khiri Khan, Hua Hin is famed for its cosmopolitan ambience and lively markets. Being a relaxing beach city that allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of diligent cities, here you are able to utilise your time to enhance your well-being and laid-back pace of life. Being two and a half hours away from Bangkok (via drive), there are many residents of Bangkok that enjoy travelling and spending time in Hua Hin.


Known for its elegant cities, natural beauty and world-class beaches, Thailand is an extraordinary country that proceeds to remain an attractive spot for ex-pats to nestle in. Going hand in hand with this, Thailand has become an evidently popular destination for property investment opportunities. Due to the rapidly growing national economy, straightforward property ownership laws and a desirable lifestyle, Thailand is sought out by many. In addition, there is a range of ventures for you and your loved ones to undertake. Traditional Thai restaurants, luxurious boutiques, central Bangkok, watersports and tours are just some of the many activities to participate in when starting your new and improved life after buying a property here.

Thailand's real estate market consists of affordable property. With a variety of condos, villas and houses, there are multiple places in Thailand that will aid your lifestyle requirement as a property investor.

Benefits of Investing in Luxury Property

Investing in a luxurious property has an abundance of benefits and there is no doubt that this is exactly what Sasara Huahin’s properties consist of. The truly admirable design boasts a relaxation aesthetic, so its residents can feel at one. Here are just some of the many key benefits that stand out about this development swimming pools, sports facilities, convenient parking, 24-hour security and many more that will allow you to most likely see a greater return on your investment.


Sasara Huahin is a truly unique and stunning development that provides the perfect place to call home. This development allows you to take advantage of living a luxurious lifestyle, while being outdoors, enjoying the breathtaking views and utilising the amazing amenities you have access to. Your new and improved life at Sasara Huahin awaits you!

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