10 Things To Consider Before Moving To Portugal

28th August 2020

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Here at Propuno, we are experts in helping people relocate around the world, no matter if this is your first time moving to a different country or your 15th we are here to help. With its breathtaking scenery and glorious weather, it?s no surprise that many people fall in love with the country before even moving there. 

Whether your thinking of retiring or just emigrating from the UK, one of the most popular destinations to invest in a property is Algarve; with its climate considered to be one of the best in Europe and with its hot summers and its wet winters, it gives people a relief at the end of the year to take a break from the glorious summers. Other popular destinations include the Silver Coast and Porto.

In the current climate, many countries have restrictions with quarantine and moving from place to place, Portugal, however, is now exempt from the FCO advice against all non-essential international travel, meaning those travelling from England are no longer required to quarantine on return.

Although it can be an extremely rewarding venture and opportunity, relocating to a different country, we understand at Propuno that this decision isn?t one to be taken lightly and therefore have put together a list of things that you should think about before moving.

The Cost of Living

Portugal is regarded as the most reasonably priced country in Western Europe and therefore everything around in Portugal is affordable, whether it's the food shop or accommodation, the average couple?s cost per month for living in Algarve is $2,100. The cost of living is also completely dependent on the area you decide to live in, for example living in Lisbon or Algarve is going to be more expensive per month than living in a quiet little village such as Marvao.

Learn Some Portuguese

While it is not essential to learn the language before you go, learning the basics so you can make the effort to greet people and say please and thank you when ordering or food is greatly appreciated by the locals. The more Portuguese you learn the more chance you have of being able to meet people and make friends with the locals, it also makes your day to day life a lot easier. Although many of the locals can speak English so don?t be worried about not being able to pick it up.

The Relaxed pace of Life

Portugal is well known for being a very laid back country, with many places taking at least 2 hours for lunch. This is seen as a massive pull factor when it comes to people wanting to relocate from stress fueled city life. Public institutions move slowly and it is often seen as impossible to book an appointment for places as it is simply known to just turn up and wait your turn.

Health Care

While the cost of living in Portugal is low compared to the majority of Europe, things like Prescriptions can be a lot more expensive than you are used to. Prescriptions are charged based on the price of the drug rather than a flat price like in the UK, however, medicines for terminal or chronic illnesses are subsidized. Before your big move, it is practical to start to think about medical cover for when you?re out there.

Children are Warmly Welcomed

If you're moving as a family this will be a massive pull factor as you couldn?t have chosen a much better place. Children are warmly welcome everywhere from restaurants to celebrations, Portugal is known for being a very family orientated city, so you never have to leave the little ones behind. This could be a positive or a negative depending on what your situation might be.

Public Transport

As with everything in Portugal public transport is very affordable, with trains and buses usually costing around $1 each, public transport is seen as the way to get around as driving in Portugal can be quite expensive. With high petrol prices, lots of toll booths and on top of that the road conditions aren?t very good either.

The Climate

Holding the reputation of having the best climate in Europe with a yearly average of 10 months of sun, Portugal is seen as the perfect place to move to fully take advantage of the summer sun. Although Portugal still has winter months, with the average temperature in the Western and Southern coastlines being around 9/12ºC, whereas the temperatures in the interior of Portugal get below freezing.

Use a trusted Estate Agent

There?s a large number of estate agents in Portugal but finding the right one is crucial. Buying a property abroad is not like buying a house here. A good estate agent will help explain all of the mortgage rates for expats and what taxes and fees are required. To make this easier for you, here at Propuno we have a wide range of properties from trusted estate agents in Portugal, and they will do all the hard work for you.

Do your research

By reading this article you?ve already made a good solid start into your research but it?d be good to find out other peoples experiences of moving to a foreign country. You will probably get some advice that you won?t find on the internet or something you would have never thought about before. It would also be a good idea to read into the area you want to move to, this will give you some more local knowledge on the type of place you are moving to so you know what to expect when you get there.

Get a Bank Account

You will need to open a Portuguese bank account to pay your Portuguese utility and tax bills. If possible, sign up for a bank account before you get there so it is easy to transfer funds from your current bank account. Many banks have English speaking representatives so you will not be alone.

Once you feel completely satisfied with your research and you?ve found out all you need to know it's time to find your dream property. We understand that finding an estate agent in a different area might come across as an intimidating thing to do, so here at Prouno, we take that worry away by working only with reputable estate agencies all over the world and making it our mission to find you the perfect home.

If you have already satisfied this list of considerations and are ready to move, get in touch with us today to start your journey in Portugal.

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