A Flying Start - Portugal Lifestyle & Property Opportunities

25th May 2021

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Starting from 17th May 2021, Portugal has now been added onto the UK's 'Green List' meaning residents from the UK are now permitted to enter Portugal without having to quarantine or self isolate upon return. With UK holidaymakers making up for a large portion of the tourism market, Portugal is expected to become the new destination for home hunters and tourists alike. With popular destinations such as Spain, France and Italy remaining on the 'amber' list, Portugal is gaining a head start in bringing back eager tourists and house hunters.

Find out about Portugal's Golden Visa Opportunity with our guide.

Lifestyle Opportunities

Cost of Living 

As well as having one of the best climates in Europe, Portugal offers an amazing quality of life along with one of the lowest costs of living in Western Europe. With the average disposable income per household in Portugal being 18,198 euro a year, you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate and lifestyle for less. According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Portugal is on average 28.00% lower than in the UK, which is a huge pull factor for Brits that are debating the move.


With schools being funded by the state, expats are able to send their children to a state school free of charge, although there are options of international and private schools that will add a larger cost to your monthly budget! Although private education in Portugal is said to provide higher quality and standard of education, international schools also allow for your child to study in the curriculum of their original country.

As well as state and private schools Portugal also have public and private universities allowing your children or yourself to further their education. It is also known that Public universities have much cheaper tuition fees starting at around 950 - 1,250 euros per year, although private university fees are slightly more expensive at around 3,350 - 3,900 euros per year which is still largely cheaper than the UK.

Public transport

With all of the major cities having a fairly good public transport network and with the average cost being fairly cheap, public transport is a great way to get around. With the average single ticket for the underground metro costing 1.45 euros, there is no surprise in saying that public transport is the transport of choice for many living in major towns and cities being the cheapest and fastest way to get around.


With the option of private or public healthcare, the option of private is becoming more common among expats as well as the locals. With between 10-20% of locals using private health care services due to the waiting time being a lot quicker than public services. Although if you do prefer to go public, Portugal has an extensive tax-funded public healthcare system known locally as the SNS, where most essential medical treatments are available free of charge, while non-essential services and treatments are available with a small payment.



With rent in Portugal being 33.68% lower than in the UK, when it comes to purchasing property, the opportunities are ever-growing with new developments and opportunities being built every year. Being a stand out location for Mediterranean architecture, Portugal is also home to plenty of modern and contemporary property opportunities along the coast and inland. At Propuno we have an extensive portfolio of property available across Portugal, from the Algarve to the Silver Coast. By only working with reputable and trusted agents we guarantee a sense of exclusivity and a sense of quality.

Property Opportunities

4 Bedroom Villa, Algarve


In one of the most sought after areas in Lagos, this well designed contemporary villa has been designed to maximise the use of indoor and outdoor living. With a top of the range open plan kitchen living space with high tech SMEG appliances this luxury property also has a covered terrace with beautiful views. As well as this the property also features:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Sauna & Jacuzzi
  • Gym
  • Underfloor heating

If you are interested in this property and would like more information, click here.

6 Bedroom Villa, The Algarve

Located on the fairway of Vila Sol Spa Golf Resort, this luxury villa is surrounded by total security and tranquillity and stands out for its excellent finishings. The property is also accompanied by elegant and distinguished landscaping as well as a swimming pool and jacuzzi. Close to the property, there is a wide variety of excellent restaurants, shops and bars with the beach and Vilamoura Marina just 2km away.

If you are interested in this property and would like more information, click here.

If you think Portugal is the location for you, take a look at our portfolio to see which location and property type is best for you. Alternatively, If you are interested but need help in regards to your enquiry don't hesitate to contact us today and we will put you in touch with a reputable local agent.




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