Don’t Give Up Your Dream of Buying In Spain

20th August 2020

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Let’s face it, 2020 has thrown a large spanner in the works for most people’s plans and it is completely understandable that you may put your dream move to Spain on hold. With the travel restrictions in place there is no getting away from the uncertainty over when this pandemic will end.

Restrictions overall are getting less and less strict as time passes. There are plenty of tasks you could be tackling to get your dream move to Spain rolling. Getting the keys to your new home in the sun may not be as far away as you may think.

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Things to Consider Before Moving To Spain

Before you dive into looking for properties, it’s important to consider a few things to make sure you’re financially and emotionally ready to move. Learning some Spanish, getting a bank account and researching the healthcare and public transport services are just some of the things you should understand before moving. Take a look at our 10 Things To Consider Before Moving To Spain guide, this content will really give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into and if it is the correct time to make the step.

Decide Where and What You Really Want

One of the most important parts of buying a house is the location. In Spain there are numerous towns and cities to choose from including Madrid, Barcelona or the Costa Del Sol which features nine different municipalities including the ever popular Marbella, Benahavis and more. Do you want to be in a major city or on a quieter coastline surrounded by the sea and serenity? The choice is yours. 

Once you have a location, you need to be clear about what elements of your home are non-negotiable. For example, do you need a private pool or would you just like one? Making sure to decide on what is a necessity and what is not can really help when deciding which property is for you. It is reasonable to create a list between you and who you will be buying/moving with to make sure you’re on the same page.

Window Shop For Your Dream Property

Once you have your ideas in your head, it is time to make them reality and look for your Spanish home properly. Finding property to purchase is a process that has stood static for a while. At propuno we make this process a lot easier, featuring a multitude of estate agents property in one place on our website. Make sure to sign up to propuno for free to create a property shortlist and gain great insights into your potential new home, exciting!

Otherwise, make sure to find a trusted estate agent that has fantastic reviews and can provide a first class experience. One great way to search for property is via a drawmap. This feature allows you to pin-point an area which you would like to find a property. 

Propuno Drawmap

As you can see from the propuno draw map we have an area of the Costa Del Sol selected for our property search. This will return all the property available for purchase within this area.

Be Prepared For The Legal Procedures

No matter where or when you buy in Spain you will need to go through the same legal process. You will have to apply for several different pieces of paperwork once you arrive in Spain, such as a foreigner’s ID number otherwise known as a NIE. An NIE is an all-purpose identification and tax number given to any non-native who wants to go through an official process in Spain. The application will take a while, so the sooner you start this process the better. A solicitor who isn’t affiliated with a property firm or money lender is vital. Try to find someone bilingual so you can save on the translation fees.

Plan A Viewing Trip

Now, with travel restrictions constantly changing and self-isolation necessary after traveling your trip to view property maybe on hold that is understandable.

But, if you are lucky enough to find a cluster of property that you’re interested in, the next step is to go and view them in person. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your property visiting experience:

  • Take a friend/partner, it is recommended that you take someone to view the property with you, it is great to have a second opinion.


  • Remember, you’re not just viewing the property, take in the surroundings, the facilities and amenities in and around the property. 


  • When viewing a property, try to keep a mindset of an inspector looking for faults. This will help you keep grounded and make informed decisions.


  • Photograph or video the properties you visit, this will help you remember exactly what the property looks like and you can look back on the photos for any issues or faults with the property after the viewing is complete.


  • Check the outside of the property, what are the first impressions of the street/curb appeal? Does there look to be any signs of damp or tide marks on the walls? Be thorough!

Our research shows that the property market is starting to move forward, interest is surging and people are beginning to start the process of making the leap to move permanently to Spain again. Don’t put your dream move on hold, get the ball rolling sooner rather than later to help you get on your way to enjoying your new journey within Spain.

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Don’t Give Up Your Dream of Buying In Spain

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